Velkommen til Ellipse A/S og Cortex Technology

Velkommen til Ellipse A/S og Cortex Technology

Medicoindustrien byder velkommen til to nye medlemsvirksomheder:

Ellipse A/S:

Ellipse A/S was founded in 1997 and develops, manufactures and markets high-quality laser and IPL based systems for dermatologic treatments of a wide variety of medical and cosmetic conditions to more than 50 countries worldwide. Ellipse is among the top-providers of IPL solutions, and possesses a strong IP position with world wide IPL licenses.

Incontrovertible scientific evidence has stood behind every Ellipse solution since the first Ellipse system made its debut, and today, Ellipse has an international reputation for advanced laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, impeccable quality and comprehensive customer support.

Application areas include treatment of acne, sun-damaged skin, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, onychomycosis and the removal of pigmented and vascular lesions.

Every Ellipse product is developed in close cooperation with leading dermatologists and research institutions.

With thousands of users and scores of clinical articles documenting the safety and effectiveness of Ellipse products.

Cortex Technology:

For more than 30 years Cortex Technology have developed, manufactured and sold innovative instruments of the highest quality to industry professionals.

Our product offering is spanning over four main areas:

Skin analysis instruments for scientific use Skin analysis instruments for cosmetic advice Liquid nitrogen cryosurgical equipment Dental implantology As a supplier of professional instrumentation it is our top priority to help our customers serve their clients and patients better. We do this by focusing on developing new and improving existing technologies in close cooperation with our customers. However, development of technology is only half of what makes up our DNA and our specialist staff is always committed to provide superior support to customers and partners throughout the world.

We are dedicated to safety and high product quality. Accordingly, all products are manufactured and tested in accordance with current quality and safety standards. ​We are ISO 13485 certified and our products are CE-marked and FDA 510(k) approved as appropriate. Furthermore, we have multiple other regulatory approvals worldwide.


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