MDD to MDR Transition

BSI will tell you about the key changes in the transition from MDD to the new MDR - you will learn to identify the next steps for your organization to meet the MDR

Objective and outcome
The course introduces the most important changes of the Medical Device Directive (MDD) to the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR). You will be able to understand the key changes in the transition from the MDD to the new MDR.  You willl also be able to communicate the impact to your organization of the key changes introduced by the MDR, and the transition arrangements defined within the MDR. Finally, you wil be able to identify the next steps for your organization to meet the MDR requirements.
You will learn about: 

  • The changes in the structure and administration of the regulation
  • Recognize new economic operators affected by the regulation
  • Identify key changes to the requirements concerning the following steps for conformity assessment:
    •  Check device is within the scope of the MDR
    • Determine risk class of device
    • Select conformity assessment procedure
    • Identify applicable safety and performance requirements
    • Assemble technical documentation
    • Apply conformity assessment procedure
    • Assign unique device identification (UDI)
    • Complete Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
    • Affix CE mark
    • Post-market surveillance and Updates
  • Explain the main impacts on the quality management system (QMS) relating to the above steps, including:
    • Frequency, extent and conduct of audits
    • Electronic data management and public access to data
    • Clinical investigations, clinical evaluation and post-market surveillance
    • Roles of commercial partners
  • Communicate the transition arrangements as stipulated within the regulation

 Who should attend
Regulatory affairs role, design and development role, clinical affairs specialist, quality management role, authorized representative, economic operator, consultants.
Marco Rost – BSI tutor

"Good way to present a legislation change, High professional skills and energy level of Marco, I have learned a lot about MDR and I can see how it will affect regulatory tasks in our department"

"The presenter was very good at explaining the topic, and the exercises during the course was helping to get an understanding of the MDR"

"Great instructor with extensive knowledge about MDR"

"Excellent instructor"

"Expert lecturer. A lot of good examples"

"The tutor had huge knowledge within this area"

Participants, Spring 2019



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