Sustainability in Medtech Companies – Accelerating Your Impact

You will learn about the United Nations Global Goals and how to translate global sustainability expectations into your medical device offerings

Purpose and outcome
Completing this 2-day course will enable you to shape, sharpen and execute sustainability strategies for your company, for real concrete actions. 
You will learn about the United Nations Global Goals and how to translate global sustainability expectations into your medical device offerings. The course will give you concrete tools and help you with a simple process enabling you to both make the case for your leadership team and execute on the proposed actions afterwards.
You will get a deeper understanding about circularity in your product lifecycle, and touch on some of the inbuild dilemmas that medical device companies have with circular product streams.
Corona has changed expectations to the health tech systems. There will be a discussion on how to reach out for the fortune at the base of the pyramid where health technologies are developed for all.
Through understanding the theory, you will be sharper on translating global sustainability expectations into your medical device offerings.
The learning goals are:

  • To understand how the United Nations Global Goals affect the future of all companies
  • To understand what/how you need to take responsibility and what that means for your company
  • To understand how you can take a strategic approach to increase your long-term value creation, and advance your ability to successfully integrate sustainability into your project portfolio including access to health for all opportunities
  • To provide pragmatic methods, tools and techniques which will help shape how you understand unmet medical need, plan, design, test, produce, distribute, use and think circularity in your product lifecycle
  • To increase your process efficiency in making the right choices maximizing how your company can work with sustainability

The course comprises lectures, self-reflection and own case work. The trainers will follow up on learning objectives throughout the course, and the outcome will be the quality of your own case.
The course will be conducted in English.
Target group
The course is targeted towards: 

  • R&D engineers, and business development professional wanting to translate external sustainability expectations into the development of new products 
  • Medical device industry project managers
  • Managers working directly or indirectly with projects and product development

 Recommended minimum pre-requisites for this course are any or all of the following:

  • Experience with product development in a regulated industry
  • Experience from working in project organization, or with ISO 13485/21 CFR 820

Ole Kjerkegaard Nielsen, Partner, 3B-Impact
Christian Honore, Partner, 3B-Impact

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